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1818 Coffee

Our 1818 coffee is a truly exceptional blend, meticulously crafted by combining beans sourced from both the eastern and western regions of our country. The Araku Valley, nestled among the serene Eastern mountain ranges, provides a breathtaking backdrop to this unique coffee. It has witnessed an intriguing evolution in coffee cultivation, reminiscent of the artistry found in fine winemaking. The varying growing conditions in this region yield distinctive cupping profiles for our coffee beans.  In the southwestern part of India, Kerala boasts a captivating history of maritime trade that played a significant role in the development of the distinctive 'monsooned' coffee. During the colonial era, coffee from this region was transported to Europe on wooden ships, enduring a four to six-month voyage exposed to sea winds and moisture. This extended exposure caused the green coffee beans to swell and acquire a pale gold hue, resulting in the creation of a unique flavor profile cherished by European coffee connoisseurs.  To replicate this one-of-a-kind flavor, our coffee beans are deliberately exposed to the monsoon winds and humidity, imparting a golden hue and infusing them with a distinct earthy flavor. Monsooned coffee is frequently incorporated into espresso blends to enhance body and weight. Its unique flavor, characterized as both mellow and assertive, effectively balances acidity when blended with other coffee varieties.

About your Roast

Our expert roasters have selected a unique blend of coffee beans that offer luscious notes of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. This medium-roasted blend has been carefully crafted to deliver a remarkably satisfying yet easily drinkable cup of coffee that you can enjoy time and time again.