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Araku Coffee

Nestled amidst the serene Eastern Ghats mountain ranges in Andhra Pradesh, India, lies the delightful Araku Valley, boasting its lush greens and gentle slopes. This picturesque region has witnessed a fascinating evolution in coffee cultivation, offering a unique coffee experience akin to fine wines.

Araku Valley’s Arabica coffee has earned the prestigious GI tag from the Indian Government and even secured the coveted Gold Medal for the best coffee pod at the esteemed ‘Prix Epicures OR 2018 Award’ in Paris.

It has become famous for its fascinating coffee cultivation. The local tribes, supported by the government, manage small one-acre plots of coffee using regenerative agriculture and organic bio-fertilizers. The diverse growing conditions result in unique cupping qualities for the coffee beans. This sustainable and bio-dynamic approach creates a rich and sophisticated coffee experience, reflecting the essence of Araku Valley’s forests and its inspiring revival.

About your Roast

Treat yourself to the perfect blend of boldness and sweetness with our Araku medium-roast coffee. Indulge in the unique flavor combination of marshmallow, chocolate, and a mild, smokey applewood finish. This well-balanced coffee promises a deeply satisfying experience for all coffee enthusiasts.