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Nilgiris Coffee

Nilgiris, often referred to as the Blue Mountains of South India, is characterized by its steep, rolling terrain, with nearly 60% of cultivable land situated on these slopes. Arabica coffee stands as the predominant coffee crop in this region, which lies within one of the world's most significant biodiversity hotspots, the Western Ghats. Indigenous tribes inhabit the outskirts of age-old forests and have recently embraced coffee cultivation. These communities deeply value the interdependence of humanity and nature, regarding the forests that sustain them as sacred. This belief has motivated them to nurture the growth of coffee within the natural forests, eschewing deforestation for coffee cultivation.

The Nilgiris experiences a tranquil monsoon characterized by a blend of cool temperatures and consistent rainfall. The landscape is adorned with towering trees, flourishing multi-layered vegetation, and a diverse array of fauna, enhancing the area's mystique. The coffee we offer is primarily cultivated within the embrace of this bountiful natural environment. Shielded by the earth itself and tended to by the native inhabitants, the coffee beans mature gradually in the cool climate, resulting in a nuanced piquant flavor

Nilgiris Arabica coffee is renowned for its low acidity, captivating aroma, and delicate flavor. As you cradle a cup of Nilgiris coffee in your hands, you're enveloped by the earthy scents of distant mountains that gave rise to these exquisite bluish-green coffee beans, now meticulously roasted. So, go ahead and let this mountain beauty enhance your day with an extraordinary coffee-drinking experience that kickstarts your mornings!

About your Roast

Our Light roast coffee is carefully crafted to showcase its exotic, bright qualities. Sourced from the Nilgiris region of India, this coffee has flavor notes of apple cinnamon, graham cracker, honey, and fudge, with a hint of open-air spice market aromas. It’s a multi-dimensional coffee that provides an opulent and intricate experience from the first sip to
the last.