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Our Story

Marabar Coffee originated from a need to introduce exceptional Indian coffee to the United States. The name draws inspiration from the book and movie" The Passage to India," symbolizing cultural connections. Founded in 2017, the company has shown steady growth since its inception.

The idea emerged during a winter trip in 2016 while traversing the US in search of Indian coffee, which was scarce. This experience highlighted the absence of Indian coffee in the country. Driven to share this distinct coffee experience, the founder embarked on a journey to provide the finest Single-Origin Arabica beans sourced directly from India through partner farms.

The journey began with humble beginnings, involving meticulous planning, sourcing, designing, pricing, and more. Finally, after overcoming numerous challenges, Marabar Coffee successfully launched its products and brand to the world, celebrating with a close-knit group of family, friends, and supporters.

We're excited to present a thoughtfully curated coffee collection that showcases beans from Araku, Coorg, Nilgiris, and Kerala. Each origin is meticulously selected and sourced to ensure the highest quality Arabica beans. Our coffee undergoes a rigorous assessment by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in New York, consistently attaining exceptional ratings. Specialty status is achieved when coffee scores 80 points or more on a 100-point scale. We also conduct regular cupping sessions and meticulous grading procedures to maintain the unwavering excellence and uniformity of our beans.

The company takes pride in its unique roast profile, carefully crafted to bring out the best aroma and flavors in the coffee. Consistency is maintained in the roasting process to adhere to their distinct profiles. All Marabar Coffee, products are freshly roasted and packed in Massachusetts, ensuring that every cup delivers a truly exceptional and authentic experience.

Our products were introduced online and showcased in various events to gather feedback from participants. Right from the start, our coffee resonated well with customers, receiving abundant positive feedback. This positive reception has led to our presence in numerous cafes, family-owned retail chains, individual roasters, and stores.

At Marabar Coffee, our values centers around quality, care, and a distinctive product, all aimed at providing everyone with the opportunity to savor an exceptional cup of coffee.