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Community Well-being and Ethical Sourcing

Our deep sense of pride stems from our ethical sourcing practices and unwavering commitment to sustainability. We diligently manage every facet of the plantation process, entrusting skilled adult laborers well-versed in coffee cultivation techniques to oversee each phase of the operation. Our primary concern lies in providing a secure and healthy working environment for our labor force. This encompasses offering comprehensive training, furnishing protective gear, guaranteeing fair wages, and tackling ergonomic hurdles to avert injuries and enhance their welfare. Moreover, our inclusive approach extends to migrant daily wage laborers from diverse regions, adding to the tapestry of livelihood opportunities we foster.

Environmental Impact

Our unwavering dedication to environmental consciousness is of paramount importance to us. We take proactive measures to closely collaborate with our supply chain, ensuring that we minimize any lasting impacts on the environment. By placing sustainability at the forefront, our goal is to safeguard the natural ecosystem and make mindful choices that benefit both our coffee plantation and the broader environment.

Our approach involves practices such as shade-grown farming, efficient water utilization, and responsible land management, all aimed at preserving ecosystems and biodiversity while ensuring the future of coffee production. The core composition of our coffee estates consists of natural woodlands that have been selectively cleared of undergrowth to make way for coffee cultivation. Within this environment, native trees coexist harmoniously alongside interplanted fruit trees and spice plants. These woodlands, characterized by their rich diversity of plant and animal species, serve as crucial pathways for wildlife. This interconnected ecosystem offers tangible advantages, as the inherent balance of nature helps self-regulate, leading to reduced reliance on pesticides.

Our pledge to neutralize carbon footprint.

At Marabar Coffee, we take pride in being a committed partner working towards reducing our planet's carbon footprint. Our efforts involve the implementation of strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions. All our coffees are cultivated using shade-grown methods, and we utilize renewable energy sources to minimize the environmental impact associated with coffee production and distribution.