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Coorg Coffee

Your coffee beans from Coorg are truly a pampered delight! Each sip of Coorg Coffee reveals flavors infused over centuries by the lush biomass of Coorg soil, enriched with humus and thriving microorganisms in the tropical woodlands. The coffee estates in Coorg maintain a harmonious balance with nature, as native trees coexist alongside interplanted fruit trees and spices. These diverse woodlands act as wildlife corridors, reducing the need for pesticides and allowing nature to take care of its own.

The unique combination of various vegetation, trees, and spices intertwining beneath the earth adds incredible depth and flavor to the coffee beans, creating a rich and complex bouquet. The shade-grown method further enhances the coffee's exceptional quality. With a slower growth and maturation process, shade-grown coffee boasts lower acidity and a more intricate flavor profile.

Apart from its eco-friendly practices, Coorg's shade-grown coffee is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a friend to your gut, making it truly special and satisfying in every way.

About your Medium Roast

For coffee lovers of all kinds, this medium-roast coffee is a top pick. While not as intense as our Coorg Dark Roast, it still showcases the unique flavors of the Coorg coffee bean, such as milk chocolate, black and red cherries, and toasted hazelnut. The roast has a delightful sweetness that will satisfy your taste buds and goes well with both sweet and savory foods, making it a versatile choice for all appetites.

About your Dark Roast

Experience the deep, rich, and silky flavor of our Coorg Dark roast that lingers on your taste buds. Coorg Coffee reaches its peak pungency at this dark-roast level, making it the perfect accompaniment to rich desserts like cheesecake and dark chocolate brownies. Heavenly with cream and sugar or serve it black to experience the bold flavors of dark chocolate, with subtle hints of dried cherry, tootsie roll, and toasted cedar. We highly recommend this Dark roast for a truly satisfying coffee experience.