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Kerala Coffee

The Malabar Coast in southwest India has a fascinating history of maritime trade, which played a role in the creation of the unique 'monsooned' coffee. During colonial times, coffee was transported to Europe via wooden ships, exposed to sea winds and moisture during the four to six months voyage. This prolonged exposure caused the green coffee beans to swell and turn pale gold, developing a distinctive flavor profile loved by European coffee drinkers. To replicate this, green coffee beans are exposed to monsoon winds and humidity, turning them golden with an earthy taste

Monsooned coffee is often used in espresso blends to enhance body and weight. Its unique flavor, described as mellow yet assertive, helps bring down the acidity when blended with other coffees. Additionally, when enjoyed with milk and sugar, it balances out the bold taste of the Monsoon Malabar.

Indulging in a cup of 'monsooned' coffee allows you to savor the aromatic flavor that encapsulates the essence of the wild Malabar Coast, where the monsoon winds and roaring Arabian sea come together to create magic in every sip.

About your Roast

Crafted from the legendary Monsoon Malabar bean, this extraordinary dark roast coffee boasts a robust, earthy flavor with distinctive hints of Tootsie roll and Creme Brulé. This intensely satisfying dark roast offers an enduring finish that is both complex and intriguing.